Android Tablets For Beginners


What is Android? -Android is a Linux based open source operating system by Google which is popular on mobile phones, touch screen tablet PCs, net books, and embedded systems.

It is also used on watches (android wear) and is intended to be used in smart TVs and Cars.

Various efforts are also under way to install android on PCs.

Getting Started

If you don’t currently own a tablet or are considering a new one, then the android tablet basic specification guide should help.

I use Google nexus 7 and most of the articles/tutorials on this site were created using it,

Finding you way around Android  may be intuitive to those who have been used to mobile phones and games, but for those who come from a PC background it is less so.

Here are some starting guides you may find useful


Latest Posts

Android Tablets and Mobile Data Using 3G/4G

All Android tablets come with built in Wi-Fi which is usually the main method that is used to connect to a home/office network and the Internet.

Some Tablets also come with 3G/4G mobile data access allowing them to connect to mobile carrier networks just like a smartphone.

They cannot be used for making phone calls or sending SMS but only for connecting to the Internet Continue reading