Android Tablets For Beginners


What is Android? -Android is a Linux based open source operating system by Google which is popular on mobile phones, touch screen tablet PCs, net books, and embedded systems.

It is also used on watches (android wear) and is intended to be used in smart TVs and Cars.

Various efforts are also under way to install android on PCs.

Getting Started

Tablets come  in various  sizes  but the commonly sold machines are 7,8 and 10 inches.

They are lightweight, generally weighing under 1000 grams, and have WIFI and bluetooth capability, and a variety of sensors.

If you don’t currently own a tablet or are considering a new one, then the android tablet basic specification guide should help.

I use Google nexus 7 and most of the articles/tutorials on this site were created using it,

Finding you way around Android  may be intuitive to those who have grown up with mobile phones and games , but for those who come from a PC background it is less so.

The aim of this site is to help you understand and use your Android tablet. Here are some starting guides you may find useful


Latest Posts

Sharing Your Android Tablet

Android-new-usersSince the release of Android 4.2 Android tablets have included support for multiple users.

In 4.3 they also included another user option called restricted profiles.

And In 5.0 they have also added a guest user option.

Before we look at how to setup multiple users we will look at why we might need them, and what the options do. Continue reading

Understand and Manage Android Storage

android storageAndroid devices come with Internal storage i.e. an Internal hard disk.

On some devices like the first nexus 7 the internal storage was between 8 and 32 GB depending on your version.

Many devices also have a SD card port where you can add external storage using SD cards usually up to 32GB

Even with external storage the amount of file storage space on a tablet is incredibly small when compared to a basic laptop/PC which tend to have around (250GB to 1TB). Continue reading