Android Tablets For Beginners


What is Android? -Android is a Linux based open source operating system by Google which is popular on mobile phones, touch screen tablet PCs,

It is also used on watches (android wear) and is intended to be used in smart TVs and Cars. Various efforts are also under way to install android on PCs.

Android Tablets

Android Tablets come  in various  sizes,  but the commonly sold machines have  7, 8 and 10 inch screens.

They are lightweight, generally weighing under 1000 grams, and have WIFI capability, and a variety of sensors.

They are also use a touch screen as the main interface, rather than a mouse and keyboard.

If you don’t currently own a tablet or are considering a new one, then the android tablet basic specification guide  and Cheap vs Expensive Tablets – What’s the Difference articles should help.

I use the  Google nexus 7 and most of the articles/tutorials on this site were created using it,

Getting Started

Finding your way around Android  may be intuitive to those who have grown up with mobile phones and games , but for the none technical, seniors and complete beginners, it is less so.

The aim of this site is to help you understand, and use your Android tablet. Here are some starting guides you may find useful.

Because android devices come with a limited amount of storage when compared to a laptop/PC you need to keep any eye on your free disk space and maybe free up some space. See Understanding Your Storage Space



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Latest Posts

Screen Pinning- Locking an App to the Screen

screen-pinnied-notificationScreen pinning is a very useful feature that is available in Android v5 (lollipop) that  allows you to lock the screen to a selected App.

You can use it to stop your kids roaming around your phone/tablet when they are supposedly playing a game or to ensure that you don’t accidentally close an App you are using. Continue reading

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Using Google Drive with Android

Android tablets come with limited storage when compared to PCs. Many older devices have only 8GB and newer more expensive ones have between 16 and

Some tablets have a micro SD card slot which allows you to expand storage, but all tablets can be configured to use cloud storage.

There are many cloud storage providers,but because you really need a Google account to access the Google Play store then the most obvious and probably the easiest solution is to use Google drive. Continue reading

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Using Google Maps Offline on Android

google-maps-imageGoogle Maps has been popular  web based application used on the desktop for route planning for a long time, and it was also the first free voice enabled  SatNav App for Android.

However Google Maps requires an Internet connection to work.

This isn’t usually a problem on Mobile phones as mobile network coverage is widespread in most countries, but it is a problem with devices like tablets that don’t normally have a mobile internet connection. Continue reading

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Installing The Amazon Appstore App on Your Android

amazon-appstore-iconMost Android tablets and phones come with the Google Play Store App already installed.

If you have a Amazon Kindle fire it will come with the Amazon AppStore App already installed.

These Apps allow you to easily install,upgrade and manage Apps from the respective App stores. Continue reading

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Connect Tablet to 3G/4G Network Via Wi-Fi

Internet-Mi-FiMost tablets sold today don’t include 3G/4G networking which means that you are restricted to accessing the Internet using Wi-Fi only.

This is OK at Home or in the office, but how about when you travel and there is no Wi-Fi available or out of security reasons you don’t want to use public Wi-Fi? Continue reading

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Connecting Your Android Tablet to Public Wi-Fi Hotspots



If you travel with your tablet and don’t have a 3G/4G capable device or a 3G/4G dongle then you are reliant on public WI-Fi connections known as hotspots to connect to the Internet.

Many Phone users will often prefer to use public Wi-Fi hotspots to save on their Internet allowance. Continue reading

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Cheap vs Expensive Tablets – What’s the Difference ?

cheap-vs-expensive-tabletsThe price range for Android tablets is large ranging from very cheap/inexpensive tablets (£40- £90) to the mid range (£90-£200) to the expensive £200 and above.

So what are the differences between these tablets, and are these differences important to you? Continue reading

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