Android Touch Screen Tablet PCs


Android is an open source operating system by Google which is popular on mobile phones, touch screen tablet PCs and netbooks.

Altough the tech savy may find it very intuative to use, the non technical users may appreceiate a little help in setting up (e.g. WI-FI) and using the it and common apps like email.

This site contains articles, tutorials and videos covering various aspects of using android   tablet/netbook computers.

Beginners see the starting guide. If you are looking to buy a tablet then take a look at understanding android specifications.

Google Nexus Range

The Google nexus range starting with nexus 4 (mobile phones to the nexus 7 (7 inch tablet), and the larger nexus 10 (10 inch) look like becoming some of the most popular android phones/tablets.

Most of the tutorials on this site will use the Google Nexus7 tablet.

If you have a nexus. See the Google support and Getting Stated guides for Nexus 4,7,10

Around the Web


Dictation-app.Use your Android as a dictation device. Comes in two versions Lite and Full. There is a Techrepublic review here

The NoRoot Firewall for Android - Many Android Apps will connect to the Internet to transfer data. This App lets you wee which ones are trying to connect and Block access if required.

See useful Apps for more


New android dongle from Dell turns TV into a virtual -PC

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Two Ways Google’s Android Platform Is Helping Redefine the Tech Industry- Android is not only used with smart phones and tablets it is also set to be apart of what is expected to become a whole range of smart devices from TVs to fridges.

Apple, Android to Dominate Tablets for Years, Says IDC- Anroid growth to continue until at least 2017.

Twitter App for Android Tablets -Twitter have released a Twitter App that is optimized for Android tablets

Android KItkat – The next version of Android (4.4) is codenamed Kit Kat after the well known chocolate bar and Google are teaming up the Hershey to promote it.