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How to Use Google Drive on Android

Android tablets and phones come with limited storage space when compared to PCs, and so using some form of external storage is

Some tablets have a micro SD card slot which allows you to add physical external storage.

However all tablets and phones can be configured to use cloud storage like Google Drive.

There are many cloud storage providers, and most provide a free limited storage allowance which can easily be expanded as required.

All Google accounts come with a free 15GB storage allowance on Google drive.

Because you really need a Google account to access the Google Play store, then using Google drive cloud storage is the most obvious and easiest choice.

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Using Google Maps Offline on Android

google-maps-imageGoogle Maps has been popular  web based application used on the desktop for route planning for a long time, and it was also the first free voice enabled  SatNav App for Android.

However Google Maps requires an Internet connection to work.

This isn’t usually a problem on Mobile phones as mobile network coverage is widespread in most countries, but it is a problem with devices like tablets that don’t normally have a mobile internet connection. Continue reading

App Review-Google Keep

Google-keep-appThe Google Keep App. was a default App on my Nexus tablet, and is  designed as a simple note taking App.

You can use it to make:

  • Short text notes
  • Short voice notes
  • Lists

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