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Android Location History,Reporting and Tracking

Updated: December 6, 2016

location-markerAndroid and other mobile devices have the ability to report you location to online services, usually with pinpoint accuracy, if the device has GPS capability.

Knowing your location,and location history is very important for many android applications.

For example a weather Widget on your home screen would be more useful if it displayed the weather in your current location rather than in a pre-set home location.

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Sharing Your Android Tablet- Android Users

Updated: November 23, 2016

Android-new-usersSince the release of Android 4.2 Android tablets have included support for multiple users.

In 4.3 they also included another user option called restricted profiles.

And In Android v 5.0 they have also added a guest user option.

Before we look at how to setup multiple users we will look at why we might need them, and what the options do. Continue reading

Android File and Directory Structure Explained

Updated: September 5, 2016

Android-file-systemMost people are familiar with the file layout on Windows and are happy navigating the Windows file System.

Windows uses a drive letter for each physical drive/partition.e.g. C: drive

Note: A Physical drive will have at least 1 partition but can have more than one. This is true for both Windows and Android. Continue reading