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How Android Smart Watches Work with Tablets and Phones

A smart watch has it’s own Operating system and locally installed Apps just like your phone or tablet.

This means that the smart watch can operate independently of a phone or tablet.

Exactly what your watch can do in standalone mode depends on your smart watch.

Generally the more expensive watches will work better in stand alone mode than the very cheap $10 ones.

However most of the current generation of Android Smart Watches are designed to work in conjunction with a smart phone or tablet as most smart watches cannot connect directly to the Internet.

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Bluetooth on Android-What is it and How it Works

Most Android devices are equipped with Bluetooth.

bluetooth-logoBluetooth is a wireless networking protocol (like WIFI) designed to quickly and automatically connect devices like printers, PDAs, Cameras etc. to computers, and to each other without wires.

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Understanding and Managing Android Storage

android storage

One of the common problems encountered with Android tablets and phones is the lack of storage space.

Android devices come with Internal storage i.e. an Internal hard disk.

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