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Using Google Maps Offline on Android

google-maps-imageGoogle Maps has been popular  web based application used on the desktop for route planning for a long time, and it was also the first free voice enabled  SatNav App for Android.

However Google Maps requires an Internet connection to work.

This isn’t usually a problem on Mobile phones as mobile network coverage is widespread in most countries, but it is a problem with devices like tablets that don’t normally have a mobile internet connection. Continue reading

Sharing Your Android Tablet- Android Users

Android-new-usersSince the release of Android 4.2 Android tablets have included support for multiple users.

In 4.3 they also included another user option called restricted profiles.

And In Android v 5.0 they have also added a guest user option.

Before we look at how to setup multiple users we will look at why we might need them, and what the options do. Continue reading