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Managing Contacts on Android

android contactsOn a tablet the contacts App is used to manage email contacts.

You should be aware that some tablets may not have a contact App pre-installed and so you will need to install one from the Google Play store.

The true contact app is a Google contact look a like based on the original Google contact App and is the one I installed on my old tablet. Continue reading

Setting up and Using Email on Android

email-iconOne of the most common uses of Android tablets and phones is for sending and receiving email.

To send and receive email you will need an Email client App.

Most Android tablets and phones come with an Email App already installed.

Very often this is the Gmail App, but it could also be the old stock Email App. Continue reading

Android Navigation Basics

android-navigationIf you are used to using a keyboard and a mouse then carrying out basic tasks on an android tablet or phone will be tricky at first.

Android tablets and phones use a touchscreen, and are controlled by finger gestures. Continue reading

Understanding Android Home Screens-Beginners Guide

android-home-screensAndroid OS offers multiple home screens (up to 7) . Each home screen functions like the desktop on your computer and can contain shortcuts, App icons,folders and widgets.

Multiple home screens allow you more effective screen space which is useful as Android tablets and phones have much smaller screens than desktop computers. Continue reading