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Welcome the January Newsletter and a Happy new Year.

1. What is Daydream Mode?

What is Daydream mode and what can you do with it?
Android goes into daydream mode when is is charging, and usually in daydream mode, the screen goes completely blank.

However if you turn daydream mode on you can display a clock,slide show and other information while Android is charging.
This is ideal if you want to use Android as a clock

This article explains how to set it up.

2. Solitaire on Android

If you like solitaire then it is now available on android.  Google play

3 Gmail On Android

Gmail is the most popular email provider for android users and the Gmail App is the default email App on Android. Learn how to set it up and change some important settings.

4. Use Android as an Alarm Clock

google-clockAndroid phones and tablets usually come with the Google clock App. This App functions as a stop watch, alarm clock and will track times around the world.

If it isn’t already installed then you can install it from the play store.

If the default App doesn’t have the features you need then there are lots of other Alarm clock Apps.

Solve Crosswords with Android

If you like doing crosswords there are a number of very good free Apps that you will find incredibly useful.

I use an App called crossword solver  by David Webb to help me out in emergencies. See this short review for more details.

Getting Familiar with Android Terms

1. RootingAndroid rooting is the process of allowing users  to attain privileged access -known as “root access”. Most devices aren’t rooted as it protects the device against user errors. You should not Root a device unless you are very technically competent.

2. Multi- touch -refers to the ability of a trackpad or touchscreen to recognize the presence of more than one point of contact with the surface.  Used in operations like pinch to zoom, See Wiki

3. Background Process -A background process is a process that is running and doesn’t require user input and doesn’t block other processes. You will find many background processes running on a tablet/phone

See Android Terms and Acronyms


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